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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Melanoma survival double with both immunotherapy AND local peripheral treatments. today reported a study and clinical trial which showed that metastatic melanoma patients who received BOTH ipilimumab/Yervoy AND local peripheral treatments had more than double the survival period (93 weeks) of those who only received Yerboy (42 weeks).

This is an especially interesting subject to me because I'm a malignant melanoma survivor from a decade ago and I wrote a booklet about how I survived before these treatments were available,

Back a decade ago there were NO chemotherapy treatments for malignant melanoma which did more than make a very marginal improvement in life expectancy.

I found European clinical studies which showed that Vitamin D-3 more than doubled the survival rate.

There is also considerable evidence that the spice turmeric - often found in curry, also improves your chances of survival.

Since neither of these would in any way interfere with more recent treatments I suggest patients read the scientific results I cite in my book and consider adding Vitamin D-3 and or turmeric to their diets.

My book is the lowest price I could set, 99-cents and Amazon Prime members can read it for free.

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