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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Shiitake mushrooms may hold secret to treating sepsis.

This doesn't appear to be a joke.

"Reachers were investigating the use of beta-1-3, 1-6-D-glucan – a naturally occurring sugar found in the cell walls of fungi – to combat chronic bacterial infections, such as sepsis and pneumonia, which led to the development of a new therapeutic innovation."

I beat Type 2 Diabetes in 3 months

At age 73 my A1C level went to 7.6% turning my condition from pre-diabetic to full Type 2 diabetes.

By a simple diet change and an OTC mineral in three months, my A1C went down to 5.7 which is completely normal.

I am not clear which of the changes was most important, I suspect it was a synergistic action, so here are the major changes I made.

First, recent studies show that brief fasting is very useful. A three day fast will completely reset your immune system.

I am following a much easier schedule, 16-hour fasts, which essentially means three square means in 8 hours and no snacking after. Not that difficult to keep up.

Second, I now take chromium picolinate daily instead of when I get around to it.

Thirdly, easy for my spouse and I because we only use 5 lbs of white sugar a year and that mostly to feed yeast, we cut out all white flour, rice, and potatoes - high glycemic index foods.

We never did eat very much processed food and no fast food so transitioning to zero processed food chemicals was easy. Turns out whole wheat pizza and even cauliflower pizza taste better than traditional pizza - you just need slightly stronger sauce because the whole wheat bread is tastier.

Better than insulin or even constant blood sugar monitoring, although I have a friend who is so enamored with his disease that he won't even try my simple changes for a few months.

It always amazes me even after all these years how many people fall in love with a disease to the point where they simply won't try even easy, safe, and cheap potential cures or treatments.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Short term fasting makes chemotherapy much easier to tolerate

Convincing your doctor will probably be next to impossible so you should probably just look up all the online published research and decide for yourself whether or not you should fast a day or two before your next chemotherapy session.

The surprising results of research by individuals and by real doctors are contrary to every bit of common sense but then we are talking science and medicine, not common sense. Common sense told people thunder was gods throwing rocks at each other.

Fasting is moving more and more into the forefront of medical research as it has been found to not only help with weight control but even treat or even completely cure what are often thought of as diseases such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol, but are actually just a consequence of overfeeding.

In fact, the 2016 Nobel Prize in medicine went to a Japanese researcher Dr.Ohsumi for work on the good effects of fasting.

But while it does make sense that fasting could help with those conditions, it was totally unexpected to discover that when cancer patients fasted for upwards of two days before chemotherapy they didn't just tolerate the common post chemotherapy problems such as nausia and profound weakness, they were completely eliminated.

One patient in particular reported that she had been following the fasting routine and experienced no side effects from chemotherapy sessions until one time when she forgot to fast and had a terrible time after that round of chemotherapy.

On a personal note I recently began fasting for both weight and other medical conditions only to be surprised by not feeling any hunger at all for three days - it was absolutely easy.

Extreme fasting such as for more than a few days should be done with considerable caution but there are clinics in Europe which have utilized fasting for up to 30 days as a treatment for many diseases, clinics often supported by the government and insurance companies.

Fasting and tumor growth

Fasting mimicking diet also works


Fasting: More than a fad

Mice that fast periodically are healthier, metabolically speaking. To explore whether fasting can help people as well, Wei et al. studied 71 people who either consumed a fasting-mimicking diet for 5 days each month for 3 months or maintained their normal diet for 3 months and then switched to the fasting schedule. The fasting-like diet reduced body weight and body fat, lowered blood pressure, and decreased the hormone IGF-1, which has been implicated in aging and disease. A post hoc analysis replicated these results and also showed that fasting decreased BMI, glucose, triglycerides, cholesterol, and C-reactive protein (a marker for inflammation). These effects were generally larger in the subjects who were at greater risk of disease at the start of the study. A larger study is needed to replicate these results, but they raise the possibility that fasting may be a practical road to a healthy metabolic system."

Even fasting for 12-16 hours every day can have profound benefits for health and slow but steady weight loss.

How simple, just eat normally but for ONLY 8 hours, the same 8 hours every day. Basically this means ZERO snacking before or after a fixed time.