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Saturday, December 30, 2017

No critical discovery today but a look at healthy things to do. for the new year

No, this isn’t about getting more exercise. That’s important but everyone knows that.

More and more we are seeing reports that plain old coffee, a minimum of two cups a day, is very good for you.

Vitamin D-3
I wrote a booklet about the uses of Vitamin D-3 which is proven in clinical trials to help prevent or even treat malignant melanoma. The good news is that now that there are decent chemotherapy treatments (there weren’t when I contracted MM) you can also take massive doses of D-3 at the same time.

The spice which makes curry yellow and studies in India show it is a potent anti-cancer medicine. I take it with black pepper to improve absorption.

I don’t like curry, never have. But I take Turmeric/curcumin daily in capsules. Black pepper makes a good addition and in capsules, you’ll never taste it.

SPLENDA (Sucralose)
Its main benefit is that it has zero calories but it tastes to me and many people exactly like white sugar.

Generic brands are fine but powdered “splenda” has a lot of filler, about 95% filler. I use it occasionally but also buy the raw chemical in bulk mostly from Bulk Supplements on Amazon.

A tiny amount of the raw chemical is the equivalent of a cup of sugar and I’m talking a very tiny amount. My 100-gram package of sucralose is about the equivalent of 100 lbs of sugar.

Although the games promoted as helping prevent dementia and particularly Alzheimer's seem to be nonsense, there is strong evidence that learning something completely new such as a new language, a branch of science, etc. can build so many new connections in your brain that people who do that have been shown to show no symptoms of Alzheimer's but post-mortem examination of the brain showed they actually had advanced Alzheimer's,

Coconut Oil
A questionable connection has been made between brain nourishment and coconut oil. The good news is that coconut oil is perfectly safe to eat so why not give it a try.

The theory is that Alzheimer's causes insulin resistance in nerve cells, essentially starving them. Coconut oil uses a different transport method and can nourish those starved nerve cells.

There are reports that this effect is powerful and occurs just hours after consuming coconut oil (you can use it like butter or any cooking oil even in cookies). The improvement, when it occurs is temporary, only lasting hours, but, so what? It is easy to test and you can simply make coconut oil a part of the everyday diet Alzheimer's patients eat.

Very important because as we get older a lot of medicines we take to deplete the body’s store of Q-10.

Vitamin C
There is accumulating evidence that Vitamin C is incredibly important and you should know that you can buy it by the kilogram for about $30. I use it in any food which needs some sour taste such as lemon pie.


If you aren’t satisfied with the mix of supplements on the market you can buy empty gel capsules and filler trays for mixes of bulk supplements.