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Monday, May 8, 2023

Lifesaving solution dramatically reduces severe bleeding after childbirth

A process/medication known as E-MOTIVE, has been shown to dramatically reduce severe bleeding after childbirth. The solution involves objectively measuring blood loss using a simple, low-cost collection device called a ‘drape’ and bundling together WHO-recommended treatments - rather than offering them sequentially.

The study, which involved over 200 000 women in four countries, found that the solution was effective in reducing severe bleeding by 60%. It also resulted in a reduction in the rate of blood transfusions, which is of particular importance in low-income countries where blood is a scarce and expensive resource.

The findings of this study are a major breakthrough in the fight against maternal mortality. Postpartum haemorrhage is the leading cause of maternal death worldwide, and this solution has the potential to save millions of lives.

See more at

The E-MOTIVE solution is now being rolled out in countries around the world, and it is expected to have a major impact on the prevention of maternal mortality.

Friday, March 10, 2023

U.S. Economic Woes Worse Than You Think. Worse than most CAN think.

Note, i sent this as a newsletter to subscribers and friends yesterday but, since a major bank in Silicon Valley just went bankrupt perhaps more people might believe my projections. 

The country is far, FAR beyond bankruptcy.

The republicans want cuts which would bankrupt many Americans.

Legally States can't run deficits so they can't make up for Federal Cuts.

We are likely headed to a natioinal depression, possibly a worldwide recession or worse.

Anyone see any way out of this short of a shooting revolution where the country 
changes to a new country and repudiates all debts of the former US?

Faced with this challenge in the past, what have countries, including the US have done in the past? Two basic moves, not counting declaring war on someone which is always a popular choice and still, unfortunately, open to consideration at the highest levels.

1.>Borrowing from the world bank or the US
2.>Devaluing the currency - can't happen here, right?

For the first choice we have already borrowed massive amounts from China - abt $1T and are not likely to get a good rate on a new loan. We are the major supporter of the world bank. 
So getting a $30 to $50 trillion loan to tide the US over for two years seems unlikely since it would actually come from us.

Second option - devaluing the dollar.
(Devaluing a currency also reduces the true size of loans and other debt.)

But that couldn't happen in an advanced country, could it?

The UK devalued the pound by 40% in 1949 , again in 60. again in 70 and
 in 1972 George Soros made $1B in one day as the pound was devalued again
Since 1900 the Pound has dropped from $5/pound to $1/pound while the dollar has
also been plunging by 900% or so.

Benjamin Franklin pointed out the revolutionary war was 
 essentially paid for by the devaluation of the colonial dollar by 99%.
In 1834 the "treasury" reduced the amount of gold in coins by 6% (devaluation.)
In 1853 the amount of silver was reduced in US coins.

Roosevelt officially devalued the dollar by 40% in 1933 
and outlawed private ownership of gold.
Nixon again officially devalued the dollar 40 years later and
made gold ownership legal again and took the US off the gold standard
temporarily (45 years and counting).

Those were "official" devaluations.

Inflation is informal devaluation - from 1971 through 2023 inflation lowered the US Dollar's
value by 90%+  (a 72 Corvette sold for $5,200.) Does that make it easier to understand
how Clinton could balance the budget?
Devaluing a currency makes it easier to repay loans since they are denominated 
in currency, not precious metals.
So, my question is, can anyone suggest a possible way the government might 
decide to reduce the national debt OTHER than hoping for continuing and increasing                 inflation?

Or they could be honest and just have an official devaluation.

Does anyone still have a savings account? Paper money in the house? Bonds?

If so at least you won't have a shortage of toilet paper if we do have a 
major depression or just a long-term fiscal default by the Federal Government.

Remember, raising the debt ceiling ONLY pays for money the country has ALREADY spent, it doesn't make it easier to spend more money next year.

I could be wrong.

Monday, July 18, 2022

Limited Heat Deaths, Why didn't 100,000 Die In the Sub Continent When Heat Was at Lethal Levels

 Climate change will kill the race and many other species several main ways, or so it is thought.

1) Starvation - some warmth is good for many crops but excessive heat is not good.

2) Wars - as populations are seeing starvation and lack of water they will migrate to areas which have little excess food and water. Wars small and large are inevitable.

3) Heat deaths - we all hear about hypothermia which is death or severe illness caused by low temperatures. but you will soon begin to hear much more about hyperthermia which is death from exposure to temperatures over about 105 degrees Fahrenheint for extended periods - hours, not months. The exact temperature changes with the humidity level.

However there were several months in south asia and India where the temperature was thought to be high enough to cause hundreds of thousands or even millions of deaths. About 1.5 billion people were exposed to those conditions, few of whom had air conditioning. 

Heat death is difficult to accurately count but there was no extreme jump in mortality in the region.

The question, a vital question for the human race, is WHY DIDN'T THEY DIE?

If/when we learn just what happened it may show us a way billions can survive the climate change which is now inevitable.

For other problems which climate change will present see:

"Preparing for Climate Change: Coastal flooding will cost the U.S. billions of dollars within two decades."

paperback second edition

Sunday, July 17, 2022

POTENTIAL NEW Anti-Thyroid-Cancer Treatment?

 "Thyroid cancer (TC) is the most common endocrine malignancy, and its global incidence has steadily increased over the past 15 years. TC is broadly divided into well-differentiated, poorly differentiated, and undifferentiated types, depending on the histological and clinical parameters. Thus far, there are no effective treatments for undifferentiated thyroid cancers or advanced and recurrent cancer."

Thus begins an NIH/PubMed paper which goes on to analyze the benefits of  Piperlongumine, a potent anti thyroid cancer drug which is actually just the extract of an Asian plant Long Pepper.

Research both in living animals and in the laboratory have shown this plant extract (available OTC as a supplement in places such as Amazon) blocks the life cycle of human thyroid cancer cells - and apparently ONLY those specific cells in that specific cancer.

This reminds me of the days before Malignant Melanoma treatments when I had to research obscure medical journals to find that Vitamin D-3 (and ONLY D-3) was the only treatment for the dangerous form of skin cancer.

"Does Vitamin D-3 Cure Malignant Melanoma?: How about curry? VITAL information directly from medical journals. (Collected Works: John A. McCormick Book 2) Kindle Edition"

($0.99 or free for Prime members - please note that hundreds of people read my medical blog and only ONE has ever helped me defray costs by purchasing or even reading one of my books for free. If you find some of this blog useful, even lifesaving, please consider showing your support before I get too disgusted and simply keep this sort of information to myself.)

In NO WAY do I recommend taking such remedies in place of sound medical treatments but sometimes there simply isn't any useful treatment such as chemotherapy. In such cases a safe supplement which is shown to be anti-cancer and which has no particular side effects is probably worth trying.

Monday, June 13, 2022

Lower life expectancy tied to Republican areas Red counties see falling life expectancy since 2000

 A recent study (not COVID related) finds that over several decades the life expectancy of the population in general is lower and dropping in red areas, that is, those which have Republican political administrations.

Just one example is NY vs Iowa. 20 years ago they had nearly identical life expectancies but today you will live longer in New York State than if you live in Iowa.

Just since 1990 life expectancy in NY State has increased from 74.7 years to 80.4 years.

CDC ranks states with the longest life expectancies as follows:

  • No. 8: Washington. ...
  • No. 7: New Jersey. ...
  • No. 6: Connecticut. ...
  • No. 5: Massachusetts. ...
  • No. 4: Minnesota. ...
  • No. 3: New York. ...
  • No. 2: California. Total life expectancy: 80.9 years. ...
  • No. 1: Hawaii. Total life expectancy: 80.9 years.

States with the lowest life expectancy?
Mississippi (74.6)
West Virginia (74.9)
Alabama (74.9)
Kentucky (75.1)
Arkansas (75.4)
Oklahoma (75.5)
Louisiana (75.5)
Tennessee (76.1)
South Carolina (76.2)
Ohio (76.6)

Notice any pattern?

And, while there may be many reasons for a lower
life expectancy such as poverty (Mississippi and WVA
for example), the fact that it keeps dropping as opposed
to Blue states where life expectancy is increasing
eliminates that argument.

The reduction in life expectancy in Republican led areas
(county by county) over the past 20 years was not related to COVID.

However in GOP dominated areas (with lower vaccination rates
and lower mask compliance rates with politicians fighting against
both vaccinations and mask wearing) there was a further dramatic
and nearly immediate increase in death rates.

Reductions in life expectancy appear to be tied directly to
universal GOP policies reducing Medicaid access, school lunches,
child care, welfare payments, food stamps, and investments in
new hospitals.

But the only definite coloration is with majority political party.
"Researchers examined mortality rates and federal and state election data for all counties in the U.S. from 2001 to 2019. The team found what they call a 'mortality gap' -- a widening difference between age-adjusted death rates in counties that had voted for a Democrat or a Republican in previous presidential and governor elections."

 The general decline in life expectancy is obviously not related to President Trump

since it has been taking place for decades. Simply put GOP health/poverty related policies
have resulted in a decline in quality of life and length of life.

That study data excluded COVID so it did not look at the past 3-4 years.

Unfortunately during COVID the results have gotten extreme. 
There has not been a small 5-10% drop in life expectancy during that period due to COVID.

While 5% is only important to those who die early by a few months, the situation in all GOP dominated states and counties is of serious concern. The chance of dying of COVID related 
health problems in Red areas wasn't 5-10%, it was 200-220% higher. That is, if you lived through COVID in a republican area you were twice, actually more than twice as likely to die.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Is the earth's atmosphere/climate entering a phase transition (CHAOS)?

This is a medical blog but if starvation and destructive
storms aren't going to have massive medical 
consequences, then what will?
BTW, Monkey Pox is spreading but anyone who had
the smallpox vaccine and possibly the Shingrix 
Shingles vaccines are likely (83% according to
results in Africa) to have significant protection.
But back to a catastrophic prediction for the climate
change/global warming situation.

Given simple warming there are good computer models
which show areas of increasing drought and such.
But in a phase transition it is virtually impossible
to make predictions.

(I already predicted that it is far too late to get 
political changes to limit climate change and 
we should begin massive mitigation projects.
Chaos would make many of the plans useless.

(Member, Union of Concerned Scientists
AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) 
A 39-year member, National Press Club (Washington)
6 current FEMA certifications.

"Preparing for Climate Change: Coastal flooding will cost 

the U.S. billions of dollars within two decades."

paperback second edition

One physics department has posted a study 
which shows the climate isn't just warming, but may be 
entering a phase transition. For non physicists, English for 
phase transition is CHAOS.

The earth has gone through previous phase transitions
triggered by things like massive volcanic eruptions.

The threat, of course, is that if we are entering a 
phase transition then it won't matter what steps 
are taken to reduce CO2 or methane production 
or even if they are being removed from the

There is no way to predict and therefore plan 
for any changes in a climatic environment 
which is in chaos.

No way to plan for food or water security.
No way to decide how to fight climate change.
Plans to increase albedo over oceans by 
generating clouds or other anti-warming plans
might make things worse in a phase transition.

Anyone have any thoughts? 
Please leave comments.

" It is proposed, based on the Landau-Ginzburg 
Theory of phase transitions, that the transition 
of the Earth System from the stable conditions
 of the Holocene to the human driven condition
 of the Anthropocene is, actually, a phase 
transition, a qualitative change away from
 its Holocene equilibrium state. Based on 
this physical framework, one obtains the 
Anthropocene equation, the so-called 
Great Acceleration and shows that 
the Earth System temperature on the
 new equilibrium state diverges from 
the average temperature of the Holocene
 as the cubic root of the human intervention,
 described by a parameter, H; (ii) the human 
induced departure from the Holocene can be
 as drastic as the ones due to natural, 
astronomical and geophysical causes; 
the susceptibility of the Earth System to 
human effects is much more relevant 
near the phase transition. The procedure 
to obtain numerical predictions from data 
is also exemplified through one of the existing 
proposals to account for human impact on the 
Earth’s Holocene equilibrium. "


Saturday, May 14, 2022

Putin's health and the health of Russian nuclear stockpile

It may be wishful thinking, simply propaganda, or even 
encouragement aimed at Russian officials, but
Ukrainian intelligence officials say Putin has cancer and
a slow-motion coup is already taking place.

Read on for more random nonsense including a note on nukes.

Bear in mind all this could be explained by upset over his 
"secret" girlfriend getting pregnant AGAIN!

Other "experts" quite independently are suggesting that
Russia is now in the process of breaking up into multiple
countries extending the process began when the U.S.S.R.
broke up and perhaps as peacefully. Although countries bordering
Russia are rushing to join NATO out of fear, they have also seen
just how powerful the great Russian military really is.

(Personal note: I see people saying Russia has more nuclear 
weapons than the U.S. which it does by about 5%, however 
many don't realize nuclear weapons need constant testing and 
maintenance. I would be surprised if a country that can't fuel 
its tanks and trucks or feed its soldiers when they are 50 to 200 
miles from Belarus or Russian borders probably isn't spending 
$billions every year to maintain nuclear weapons - especially 
when the threat of nukes is far more important than their use. 
The 10-year cost to maintain U.S. stockpile is about $500 billion. 
Some components age on their own and do so faster when 
exposed to constant radiation.)

I am hearing from a few contacts I have leftover from D.C. that
analysts are definitely working on the assumption that
Putin is definitely ill, not just paranoid, and one reason he
keeps such distance from his own staff is to keep them from
seeing just how sick he is.

The Sunday Times reports a Russian oligarch saying Putin has
been under treatment for a form of leukemia since last year. 
Also in mid-February, he is seen shaking when greeting an 
official. Some suggest an indication of Parkinson's but it 
could easily be due to chemo or just general weakness.

But Putin also just missed his favorite annual hockey 
game where, for some reason, he always seemed to be the NVP.  

At the recent Red Square victory celebration (WWII) Putin 
was seen sitting with  various officials, all of whom seemed 
comfortable and not overdressed, but Putin had a heavy wool 
blanket wrapped around his legs - just as you see many elderly 
or ill people sitting outdoors. People sitting around Putin had 
light military coats on but they weren't even buttoned up while 
Putin's coat was tightly closed. (I am elderly and ill but don't 
even own a wool blanket - GRIN)

A clear and apparently unretouched photo shows Putin 
with what appears to be melasma - a subtle darkening 
of the cheek skin. There are various causes but one is 
a result of recent chemotherapy.

There are multiple reports and even videos showing Putin acting
strangely such as slumping down as interviews go on and 
seemingly desperately gripping desks and tables, either to keep
from showing shaking in his hand but more likely to keep his
balance even when seated.

Photos appear to show three doctors, one reportedly an oncologist, 
almost always among Putin's staff as he travels around Moscow. 
It is perfectly usual for such political figures to travel with one 
person physician, but THREE?

His latest weird action was his "swift punishment" of Finland for 
saying they want to join NATO. His "massive retaliation" so far 
consisted of cutting all Russian electric power supply to the 
country. What is weird is that Finland gets so little power from 
Russia that merely "turning up the wick" in a few of its domestic 
power plants easily covers the tiny deficit.

These are just some of my random thoughts gleaned from a dozen 
or more sources. I'm sure we all pray for Putin's health, one way or another!

This is not my usual medical report based on and referencing clinical 
data or published peer-reviewed research and shouldn't be taken as