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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Air Rage Caused by First Class

According to a report by the National Academy of Sciences, the incidents of so called “air rage” that is, unreasonably aggressive behavior against cabin attendants and fellow passengers, is closely related to the increase in First Class seating.

This is a MENTAL HEALTH issue.

It appears that air rage is actually triggered by economy class passengers being confronted by the fact that a privileged group is having better food, more comfortable seating, and generally better treatment than they are getting - this causes the normal tensions caused by the cattle car crowding of economy class seating to boil over when there is any additional problem.

According to the report published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, “researchers found that flights with a first-class section were nearly four times more likely to have air rage incidents in their economy class, and that these incidents of “belligerent behavior” or “emotional outbursts” became nearly 12 times more likely among first-class passengers and more than twice as likely among economy-class passengers if people were made to board from the front of the plane and walk through the first-class section together.”

“Stark differences in class,” are thought to be the base cause of many recent incidents of social unrest.

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